Was this ransomware?

How did the ransomware attack happen?
The investigation is ongoing and will take time to complete. Alongside our internal security team, we have engaged a leading cyber defense firm to investigate. The investigation is ongoing and is in its early stages.

Source: Rackspace

There is no ransomware attack. Technically speaking, it’s not possible for ransomware to perform an attack. If you get infected by ransomware, you’re at fault. You’re the one to blame for. Why?

  • You missed to install updates, when they where released.
  • You do not have your infrastructure hardened as it should.
  • You rely on or use software which is outdated/unsupported or is a piece of crap, which should not be used at all.
  • You did not hire professionals — for whatever reason; most likely because they are not willing to work for low wages.
  • You have no idea about the technology you use or even how it works. Still you insist on using it.
  • You open unknown attachments in mails from unknown sources.
  • You think you’re talking to Microsoft when getting a call from India with someone telling you to download this and execute that. And then you just do it.
  • You’re the one who actively installs malware on you computer and then run around screaming that someone broke into your system.

Do you see the problem now? It’s not ransomware. Never. It’s you and only you.

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