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Until now, the 1950s were considered the bourgeois era par excellence in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. This image must now be corrected. Since the turn of the millennium, this country has turned out to be a haven of stupidity and intolerance par excellence. Freedom of expression lies trampled on the ground, the moralizers of the mainstream, in cooperation with so-called fact-checkers, mercilessly brush aside anything that does not suit the gender apologists. The culture of discussion is nothing more than a jarring relic of times long past. The linguistic confusion of good and evil, as Niet Che (little joke) called it, has long been nesting in the heads of our politicians, eagerly transported by the airheads in the editorial offices of our “quality media” and from there into the brains of the silent and denouncing majority of the population, who submits to the crazy Corona measures as uncomplainingly as to the anti-Russian propaganda roller with which the “war fatigue” of the Germans (Foreign Minister Baerbock) is to be counteracted.

At Ballermann on Majorca, the epicenter of petty-bourgeois pleasure-seeking, where the level of popular amusement corresponds to the height of a beach sandal, the straw drinkers from Germany are currently bawling their summer hit 2022: LAYLA. Lyrics excerpt pleasing? Here you go:

Neulich in der Stadt stand da ein Mann

Er schaute mich sehr glücklich an

„Hey, komm mal her“, sagte er zu mir

Ich hab’ ‘nen Puff und meine Puffmama heißt Layla

Sie ist schöner, jünger, geiler


Dann war es auch um mich geschehen

Das wollte ich aus der Nähe sehen

Ich ging in den Laden und schon stand sie da

Geile Figur, blondes Haar

Er hat ‘nen Puff und seine Puffmama heißt Layla

Sie ist schöner, jünger, geiler



In the meantime, LAYLA has become the focus of our guardians of morals. SEXISM! is being shouted everywhere, so loudly that even Kalle Lauterbach can hardly make himself heard with his tirades of fear. And that’s saying something in view of the subjects who tend to be compliant. The threatening gas shortages, galloping inflation, the chancellor’s cum ex-affair, the warmongering of our unspeakable government and all the other threatening scenarios facing us – all this has made LAYLA (more beautiful, younger, hornier) fade loosely into the background of the people’s consciousness. Could actually suit the Scholzens, Habecks and Lindners. Especially since the voluntary self-control (censorship) of our moral guardians, does everything to cover the attention to the self-inflicted problems of a ridiculously stubborn traffic light coalition. At least until the winter, in which a large part of the population has to pay for their disastrous policies literally freezing and cold. The playing of LAYLA has meanwhile been banned at several folk festivals (in Düsseldorf and Würzburg, among others), the ZDF television garden refuses to play this song, as do numerous other stations, which gives the popularity of this song another big boost.

Let’s look back to the stuffy 1950s, when Herbert Wehner (SPD) and Franz Josef Strauß (CDU) fought their speech battles in the Bundestag, when there were still respectable heads in all parties who were not afraid to defend their different positions passionately and intelligently in public against the die-hards. Kurt Schumacher and Carlo Schmidt (SPD) should be mentioned, Karl-Hermann Flach, Thomas Dehler and Hildegard Hamm-Brücher (FDP), Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt (Schmidt-Schnauze, both SPD), of course, and Eugen Gerstenmeier (CDU). I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few who also deserve to be mentioned. They all contributed to this country’s successive emergence from the shadow of National Socialism by the end of the 1960s in order to breathe life into parliamentary democracy. The high point of this development was Willy Brandt’s promise in his government declaration of October 28, 1969, when he announced domestic reforms and a new Ostpolitik. The core message of his speech, however, was “WE WANT TO DARE MORE DEMOCRACY!” What is left of it is currently being demonstrated by the Russian-phobic Scholz-SPD in cooperation with the Oliv Greens under Habeck and Baerbock and Lindner’s wedding FDP.

But that’s another topic. I actually wanted to talk about a hit that also revolved around Laila (this time with an “I” instead of a “Y”). It came out when Konrad Adenauer’s party stuck up posters during the election campaign on which the caricature of a scowling Red Army soldier stared over the horizon. Underneath was the line: “All roads of Marxism lead to Moscow! That’s why CDU.” The song, performed by Bruno Majcherek & the Regento Stars, was played up and down the radio stations of the young Federal Republic at the time without being censored. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics of this “sexist” ballad, which was easily put up with in the stale Germany of bygone days:

In the magical bright tropical night

in front of the women’s shelter in Algiers

a dark eye has smiled at

the poor pale legionnaire

And the eye made him great

in front of the women’s shelter in Algiers

and it sounds a hot love song

dying, tired and soft

Laila, tonight I must see you again.

Laila, see your slender limbs again.

Oh Laila

just this one night choose me

kiss me and torture me

for I love only you

oh Laila

You can do it! One would like to call out to the gender apologists of our day. It is possible. At any rate, you don’t have to avert this damage from the German people, you political worms in Berlin, not this one. But others do.

2022-07-08 @ 09:37: NATO against Russia Economy | Politics

It was clear from the beginning that NATO could not win the war in Ukraine against the Russian army. How so? NATO has lost e.g. in Afghanistan against an opponent WITHOUT an army! So how should it be possible to defeat a country WITH an army? NATO cannot even do its core business. War. It is a troop of duds, which is so incapable to assess a situation militarily correctly, that one must ask oneself, for what does this armament club spend billions for weapons since decades? That is money wasted. NATO “wins” only in the movies. In real life, this military alliance is a troop of morons who are too stupid to recognize when an opponent is vastly superior to them.

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