In October 2014, then-US Vice President Joseph Biden boasted in a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts: “We gave Putin a simple choice: ‘Respect the sovereignty of Ukraine or you will face the consequences.” By that time, the coup in Kiev that the US had been preparing for a long time – in defiance of Ukraine’s sovereignty – had already taken place, the civil war in eastern Ukraine had begun, and US President Barack Obama was pressuring leading European politicians against Russia with tough impose sanctions.

The consequences of these sanctions, according to Biden, were “a massive capital flight from Russia, an outright freeze on foreign direct investment, the ruble at an all-time low against the dollar, and the Russian economy on the brink of recession.” It was about reaching out to Russia ruin if it does not open up to western capital interests. With Russian President Vladimir Putin resisting, the next goal was regime change in Moscow. This has been and is being worked towards since then.

The sanctions were constantly tightened with flimsy justifications, Ukraine was armed, and with the participation of European, especially German politicians and journalists, a real smear campaign against Russia began, which in the immediate present has assumed unbelievable proportions. In March 2021, Joseph Biden said Vladimir Putin was a murderer. But this lapse, contrary to all diplomatic conventions, was not new.

As early as 1983, Ronald Reagan – to the dismay of many American politicians at the time – had summarily declared the Soviet Union to be the “evil empire”, which then ended all aggression and sanctions against the Soviet Union and subsequently against Russia and its president, who opposed US claims to power, could be justified before the eyes of the world public. This has never been an issue with Western politicians and their media. Nor that the USA set the Orient on fire and that Joseph Biden, who has been working towards regime change in Russia for decades, as a senator, foreign politician, and vice president, is responsible for almost all the conflicts and wars of the past decades.

For years now, Russia has been surrounded by a monstrous military force. If Sweden and Finland now join NATO, the circle will be complete. A red line drawn by Vladimir Putin after his legitimate demand for security guarantees was not met was crossed the moment the US and Britain supplied Ukraine with state-of-the-art weapons for the war in Donbass, both anti-separatist and targeted used against civilians of the Russian-speaking minority and which posed an acute threat to Russia.

Since February 24, 2022, not only has there been a civil war in Ukraine, but Russia has invaded Ukraine. This was followed by an outcry from all those, and they are almost all of them, who have been watching the USA destroy the world peace order for decades and doing what they want. What was originally a domestic Ukrainian conflict has given rise to a proxy war between the USA and Russia, in which Ukraine is being crushed, and Germany is involved. On February 25, 2022, Secretary of State Annalena Baerbock echoed Biden’s destructive policies when she declared that Russia must be ruined.

For months we have been bombarded with stories of refugees and with pictures of crying mothers with their children in an unprecedented intensity, which arouse our sympathy. On February 26, a well-organized, sanctioned demonstration took place in Berlin with more than 100,000 participants, most of whom were honestly opposed to the war and pro-peace. Signs read “No War!” or “Save Ukraine”, but also “Stop Putin!” and “Murderer Putin”. A geopolitical event was becoming more and more personalized, hate was channeled – the CIA’s spin-doctors had done a great job. And at the same time, the German Bundestag, which provided billions in tax money for war and rearmament, was apparently unnoticed by the demonstrators.

Now you can hear and read in the media that Putin could use biological or chemical warfare agents or even nuclear weapons, that he is unpredictable, if not insane. Rumors were circulating that Putin was seriously ill with cancer. Then again it was said that a putsch was imminent in Moscow. Lots of insinuations, maliciousness, defamation. Russian military were blamed for appalling atrocities and suspicions became facts after repeated repetitions hundreds of times.

But the statements of the Ukrainian government and the Western media cannot be trusted. The reality is different, as we learn that in Kiev and elsewhere alleged saboteurs were hunted down by the Ukrainian army, nationalist volunteer battalions, mercenaries, and fanatical Bandera supporters with the most modern weapons from the USA, Great Britain and finally were supplied from Germany.

The reports from the “war front” are becoming more horrific by the day. Hundreds of civilian casualties, millions have fled, destruction and suffering. But Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government statement of February 27, which was de facto a hateful declaration of war on Russia and its president, unworthy of a German chancellor, is also appalling. Which means, “This war is Putin’s war”, he “started a war of aggression in cold blood”, the pictures from Ukraine showed “Putin’s complete unscrupulousness”, one had to set limits to “warmongers like Putin”.

Telling the world something like this shows the inability to deal calmly with the war situation in Ukraine. Is the German chancellor parroting what the US services, the White House and NATO are telling him to do? And in the Bundestag there is an ovation for the Ukrainian ambassador, who insulted the German government for allegedly lacking support and should have been expelled long ago. It is self-denial and a lack of sovereignty that are blatantly evident here. It is not only for months that incompetent, ideologized or corrupt politicians have been making life-threatening decisions instead of serving the well-being of the population in accordance with their oath of office.

Where did we end up? Hundred billion euros more for armaments! There will be even greater inflation than before, money for social affairs, education, science, and art will become even scarcer, the poor will become even poorer, many companies are on the brink of ruin. On the other hand, the US economy will jump into the gaps it has torn and supply Germany with expensive, environmentally harmful fracking gas. The US and its vassals will do everything to strangle Russia and bring about regime change in Moscow. Joe Biden and his warmongers are almost there – with the help of the German government and its media. It is to be hoped that the world will be spared a nuclear war.

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