Mankind has fucked up. Seriously, in thousands of years we have not even come close to developing a civilization based on peace, equality and respect. Instead, we’re doing everything imaginable to destroy ourselves. We’ve been through just about everything: Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, … You name it. None of it has worked – at least not in the long run.

With any form of government, at some point you come to the question, who controls the controllers? This reminds me of a quote from GTA San Andreas: “Even my assistant’s assistant needs an assistant.” Granted, it doesn’t fit 100% and the solution is more complicated than you might think. One cannot simply say that there is no need for a state, although the assumption is correct in principle.

Self-sufficiency would be a first step in the right direction. But it is deliberately and purposefully prevented by those in power. It is not wanted that man lives independently and self-determined. He must be controlled and moderated. Carrot and stick. Above all, a lot of stick and a constant media sprinkling, which permanently keeps before his eyes that he, the wage slave, is still far too well off in his cage. Look: hunger in the third world, war in rogue states, the enemy is doing bad things. The very fact that we distinguished between first, second and third world should make everyone think. It’s like on the train: first class, second class, cattle car. Nobody wants to ride in a cattle car. Nobody wants to live in the third world. It smacks of being subhuman, which in turn has the effect of dividing humanity as a society. It creates an image of the enemy where there really isn’t one and shouldn’t be one. Man is man. It doesn’t matter if your hair is green, if you are homosexual or if you are missing fingers.

But man needs an enemy image so that he loses sight of what is essential, what is really important. That is the basic principle of every state, which, with the help of the media, provide exactly that. Bread and games. And it works well. You donate against hunger in the third world and for peace in Ukraine. You soothe your conscience, but you overlook the big picture.

When was the last time you cared about the homeless or even about the old and lonely in your city? Oh, wait. Then you’d have to get your fat ass off the couch and directly and actively seek out contact and conversation. With people who stink, are drunk all the time and just want to steal from you anyway, rob you of your wealth. Then rather donate 5.- bucks to hungry children in Africa by SMS. That is easy and comfortable. At least as long as you don’t ask yourself why these children are doing so badly.

Africa is supposedly the origin of mankind. Accordingly, every human being comes from Africa. If this is true, which I assume here, the question inevitably arises, why has Africa not managed in all those thousands of years to develop into a permanent advanced civilization? The same is true for America – North and South. All technological progress effectively comes from Europe. Sure, production is done in Asia to drive down costs. But the original technology to make this development possible came from Europe.

Why haven’t the other continents been able to do this? Europe does not have any raw material deposits worth mentioning in this respect. Most of the raw materials needed were and still are mined in Africa or Asia. Why have former advanced civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire or the Maya and the Inca simply disappeared? Why did these cultures not develop further? This inevitably brings us to another question: why isn’t the “Western” world, or what we call it, evolving? Where are the blockages? Why can’t we manage to jump over our shadows and admit that we’ve screwed up and need a fundamental change? And what could this look like?

There is a study from Canada, for example, where it was found that it is cheaper for the state, and thus actually for the taxpayer, to provide homeless people with small houses free of charge than to let them live on the streets for years. The argument was that social workers, rehab and medical care for people on the street is many times more expensive than making sure people don’t get into such a situation in the first place.

Why are billions being spent on armaments instead of investing the money sensibly and sustainably? Nobody will be so stupid as to press the big red button. This would set off an unstoppable chain reaction that would very likely seal the end of humanity. But it works well as a threat. Actually, there is no need for a military, no weapons, no borders. What is needed is a globally standardized language, evidence-based education, and enlightenment and abolition of all religions. Religion has never done anything positive in its entire history. It should be abolished immediately and banned from the school curriculum. The churches, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship should be closed, because it is like religion: It has never brought about anything positive. On the contrary, if one thinks only times of the witch burning, the pedos in the catholic like also the Evangelist church or the Islamic religious wars in the Near East.

At the moment, there is war in the Ukraine. Allegedly, the Ukrainian population – especially the pro-Russian one in the east – has been harassed and fought by a national socialist government for at least eight years now. Ukraine is siphoning gas on a large scale from the pipeline that runs from Russia to Europe. Nord Stream 2 would have put an end to that. Moreover, Europe would then not be even more dependent on the Americans for its energy supply. Nord Stream 2 was prevented, and Europe now has to buy the Americans’ more expensive fracked gas to keep from freezing. Putin has long tried to create a peaceful solution with Ukraine. This was repeatedly prevented by both Ukraine and the EU, and thus by the United States. Russia’s alleged attack against Ukraine is nothing more than support for the pro-Russian population in Ukraine. Russia has waited far too long and should have intervened much earlier. Eight years of war and living in constant fear are too much even for the toughest person.

In the media, on the other hand, Russia is portrayed as the aggressor. In order to end the war in Ukraine as quickly as possible and, above all, to build up massive pressure on Russia, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is recommending that the population “freeze for peace”. A great idea. I bet Mr. Scholz will certainly not freeze. The old image of the enemy from the Cold War has been reactivated – taken out of mothballs, so to speak, and presented once again. People color their profile pictures in the colors of the Ukrainian flag without questioning anything. Without even thinking about the fact that they are supporting the Nazi dictatorship of Ukraine. Does this sound familiar? Not a little over 100 years ago, something similar happened. Unrest was deliberately created by assassinating a certain Austrian. This resulted in the First World War and a subsequent recession the likes of which had never been experienced before, reaching its peak in 1923. A few years later, on January 30, 1933, Reich President Paul von Hindenburg appointed another certain Austrian as Reich Chancellor. The latter, in turn, knew that there was a need for an enemy image among the population. The principle of “divide and rule” worked perfectly here, too. The rest is well known.

There was another division in society when Germany was divided after the end of World War II. During the Cold War, both West and East did everything possible to discredit the other. It was foreseeable that the then Soviet Union could only lose in the long run. The US dollar was too strong and the Federal Reserve Bank could and still can print as much money as it likes. In principle, the Soviet Union could do the same with its ruble, but no one wanted it on the world market. As a result, it eventually went broke from the constant competition with the U.S. and disintegrated into the states as we know them today.

This also brought about the reunification of Germany and the disappearance of the enemy. The Cold War was officially over. There was no longer any reason to represent anything to the outside world.

That was the beginning of the decay, which was pushed forward shortly afterwards by Gerhard Schröder (SPD) as chancellor at that time, by abolishing the social system and replacing it by repression and forced impoverishment, in short Hartz4, before he sweetened his old age as “Gazprom-Gerd” in Russia. His half-brother, Lothar Vosseler, on the other hand, lived on Hartz4 for a long time before he died in Detmold at the age of 71 on January 29, 2019.

When “Gazprom-Gerd” relinquished his office as chancellor to Angela Merkel in 2005 and this had a return to the CDU-led government, the majority of the population believed that with a woman at the top, the big turnaround would now come. Instead, in addition to further harassment and repression (cf. the Gustl Mollath case), there were above all 16 years of standstill, or rather regression. The population has been further impoverished, the education system has virtually ceased to exist and nuclear power is now just as green as electric mobility is sustainable and environmentally friendly. One has to seriously ask oneself in which parallel universe the ladies and gentlemen of the government live.

Finally, you have Corona, the deadly plague that is so dangerous and life-threatening that you have to wear a mask even alone in the car, on the bike or while hiking in the forest and disinfect not only your hands but preferably your entire body at every conceivable opportunity. Under no circumstances should you refuse to be vaccinated. Because it protects you from infection. No. But if you get vaccinated a second, third, fourth, … [insert any number here] time, you are protected. No. But you can no longer infect others and thus protect others. No. But one has a mild course. No. But you can no longer die from it. No. You die, but you go to heaven. Also wrong.

Fearing Corona infection, people have thrown their pets out the window in rows and have been locked in their homes by the government. According to a recent study, about 18 million people worldwide have died from Corona infection in the last three years. So about 6 million per year. Now you have to know that in the USA, for example, one person is murdered every two minutes. That’s over 250,000 people a year who fall victim to violent crime. This does not include accidents, death penalties and natural deaths. In the U.S. alone.

According to UNICEF, a child dies of malnutrition every 10 seconds in Africa. The number of unreported cases is likely higher in each case. Let me do the math: A year has 365 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 31,536,000 seconds. This means that about 3 million children die of malnutrition per year in Africa. Add to that the usual deaths from disease, war, crime and natural causes. That’s bad. But does it have any impact apart from horror and grief? No. Of course it doesn’t. Especially not for all those who have no personal relationship with any of the children. It’s the same with Corona. Yes, of course people have died. Whether from or with Corona, or even from the side effects of the vaccination, remains to be seen. But what impact does it have on the world population?

What impact would it have on the world if you or your neighbor did not wake up tomorrow morning? The answer should be clear to you: Absolutely none. It doesn’t matter whether you are alive or dead. We all die at some point. Your life is meaningless. Realize that. The only reason you’re alive is because you’ve had hope planted in your brain from an early age that if you try really hard, you’ll “make it” someday. Let me tell you something: But the “it” is never specified; there is no commitment in what you are promised. Most of you – and by that I mean 99.99999% – will not make it. Not even close. You’ll be born, work, and eventually die without leaving Impact. If you don’t do your job, someone else will. Once a year, there are two weeks of vacation that you had to save up for the whole year before. And at the end of the day, you get a pension that you can’t live on and that you still have to pay taxes on. Are you looking forward to it as much as everyone else? Sounds great, doesn’t it? When will you finally wake up and realize that you’ve been screwed through the teeth since you were born? When are you going to get your fat ass off the couch and do something about your own patheticness?

I already know the answer, and it makes me doubt the intelligence of mankind.

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