Most people still have no idea what is coming, and here are Andrea Krüger’s thoughts.

Now Russia will be excluded from SWIFT. This is the ultimate madness and will come back as a boomerang. We are shooting ourselves into the biggest supply crisis ever and will wake up in a world where the West is facing the rest of the world.It is madness, pure madness, what is happening and Germany’s stupidest and worst government ever is in the middle of it.

To explain this once to all hysterics and morally outraged sanction drivers practically. If Russia drops out of the international payment processing system SWIFT, which is controlled by the Western banks, then the following happens:

The Russians shit on it. There is no other way to put it. The Russians have long discussed the option with China, and the Chinese have been waiting for it for years.

Then a new payment system will be created between the largest supplier of raw materials on earth – Russia – and the most dynamic economic power on earth – China. Without the dollar, without the euro.

Brazil will join in. Bolsonaro was in Moscow a few days ago.
India will join. Mori needs Russia’s raw materials and China’s technology.
Africa will join. There, the morally uppity Americans and the decadent Europeans are hated anyway. And the rest of the world will follow.

The U.S. will always be big – it controls an entire continent, has the raw materials in Canada and the cheap labor in Mexico and Central America.

But Europe – the decadent, weak and disunited Europe – is then screwed.
Nobody needs us – nobody wants us – and we just shoot ourselves with two machine guns in both knees!

The worst, most incompetent and stupid politicians together with the media idiots are just enjoying themselves in a hysterical way in their moral indignation about the Russian president.
They gamble each other up in their statements and demands and in their boundless incompetence and stupidity have no idea what consequences their actions will have just for all of us.

Social media is full of hysterics who brainonanize between lattes about how they would be “willing to sacrifice some of their wealth for solidarity.” First of all, these civilian losers have usually not earned the wealth they are sacrificing themselves, but have inherited it. And then these chatterers in their better-man hubris don’t think for a second that half of their fellow human beings don’t have any prosperity to sacrifice!

The Greens and the Neos, these decadence phenomena with their self-righteous moral chatter – I vomit when reading or listening!!!

Mr. Scholz, Mrs. Baerbock, Mr. Habeck and the rest of the “I-can-nothing”: Do you actually have a clue that there are millions of people in Germany who don’t know how to make ends meet every month anyway? How should they cope with a hyperinflation and a mass unemployment in the course of the threatening mega economic crisis? A crisis, which YOU just wantonly cause – you maniacs!

Politics is not moral, war is not moral. Putin was provoked to the point of no return and is now doing exactly what power politicians do. The civilian population of Ukraine is now paying a terrible price for the failure of politics on all sides . It is terrible , it is cruel and unfair .

But Ukraine is lost, Putin has already won the war.

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