The principles of capitalism are easily explained. It takes many poor people so that there can be few rich people. But if there were no more poor, there would inevitably no longer be rich. Then everyone could not afford everything, but everyone could afford the same thing. The rich are only rich as long as there is someone who has significantly less than themselves. There are several ways to do this, which have proven themselves in the past: Politics, religion and, in case of doubt, war.

In order to maintain the illusion of free speech and participation in the shaping of society, elections are held on a regular basis. The end is foreseeable from the start and the gap between rich and poor is growing ever greater. The big question that arises from this is: When will the poor notice that they are played?

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    Destabilizing cishetero amatonormativity. Providing disruption as a service. Once you know the way, you see it in all things. Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going. Also we never asked for this. I̸͝t̸̑ ̵̽i̷͗s̶͐ ̵͝a̶͒l̷ ͍r̷ ̗͕e̵͑a̶͌d̸̄y̷̚ ̶̀ ͓͑t̷̚ô̶o̸ ̥ ̶́ ̡l̷͝a̶̽t̵͒ė̶.̸ ̋͑

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