Article 13 just passed as expected, people play it down like nothing changed and Axel Voss is celebrated as the savior of the media.

Messages start popping up about VPN services to disguise your location etc. to circumvent the consequences of that bill. That’s not how it works. At least not this time. You can’t use a VPN to log in to a service which doesn’t exist any longer due to this bill. Ever thought about that, huh?

People don’t seem to understand what this bill is all about. It’s not limited to EU citizens. It has global impact, most noticeable in the EU though, but it still affects the rest of the world.

Huge companies will likely turn their back to the EU and make money elsewhere. Thousands of jobs will be cut when companies move to outside of the EU. The Internet in its whole variety will be stripped down to the bare minimum. There’ll be only a hand full of companies in the EU dictating what’s allowed on the net and what’s not.

Smaller companies and especially start-ups won’t be able to comply to the bill, as they simply do not have the required resources and will go out of business. Due to that people will lose their livelihood.

At the end nobody but lawyers will make money out of that bill. And the media? When they notice what they did, they’ll claim it’s someone else’s fault. But then it’s too late.

Download the final votes here.

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