Someone told me you cannot delete your own Facebook account, but deactivate it. This is not true. If you try to delete your account, Facebook asks if you want to deactivate it. Well, that is true. It does not say it deletes your account. So, if you really wish to delete your Facebook account instead of just deactivating it, you now find a link in my Downloads section (hence the name) to really fully delete your account.

Remember: if you delete it, you will lose everything you posted on Facebook including all photos, comments, likes and achievements in any games you played on Facebook (e.g. Farmville). And I mean everything. There’s no way to restore anything once deleted. Just keep that in mind.

Another thing I’d like to mention is, that currently there are a bunch of wankers on Facebook posting shit to steal your login credentials. For example there is (and never has been) no way to see who was on your profile. This is something which is not implemented by Facebook and for technicals reasons it is not possible to add such a feature by installing an app. Numerous sites copied the login frontend of Facebook in order to force you to login. Do not enter your credentials! These sites are fake! If you are logged in to Facebook your login status is saved as a cookie, so whenever a site uses Facebook features it automatically connects to Facebook and you are securely identified by the cookies. If there are no cookies, you’re not logged in and the Facebook login screen appears. If you’re not sure if a site is legit, login on only and then revisit the questionable site again. If it still asks for you to log in, it’s definitively fake. If it asks to confirm an app be sure that you really want to install this app and know what this app does. If you don’t exactly know what such app is for or if the source is unknown, just do not install it.

Some malicious sites with I stumbled upon have been added to my HOSTS file which is currently dated 2011-04-12.

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