I’m on Facebook for a while now and recently started to use Twitter. In addition I use ICQ, WLM, IRC, e-mail of course, Xing and various other boards and communities, have two cell phones (one with Windows Mobile 6.5 and one with Android 2.3) and my netbook nearly constantly right beside me wherever I go. To make a long story short I hate all this. I hate social networks. I hate instant messaging. I hate being 24/7 on-line and reachable.

Guess I’d better reduce this to the absolute necessary: nothing! First of all Twitter has to go. I couldn’t imagine what’s so special using it, that’s why I registered myself in order to find out. Now, guess what! Twitter’s as useful as a goiter! Surprisingly that didn’t surprise me at all. :D So, Twitter not for me. Thanks.

Next one I pull the plug from will be Xing. I started using Xing in early 2007, I think. Maybe 2005. And what did I get in exchange for that? Meet interesting people, fuel your business, … That’s what they tell you to register. Registration is free but has some nasty caveats like, you cannot send new messages to people in your contact-list. This sucks. However, Xing didn’t help me doing business. Instead it’s really time consuming when you use it on a daily basis, leaving no time to do real business. Bye bye Xing.

What else? These stupid games on Facebook can be a real pain in the arse since there is no possibility to disable all of them with one simple click of a button. In order to block an application on Facebook whether it’s a game or not you first have to get an invitation to that specific application. Almost every game on Facebook constantly constrains you to recruit more of your friends to start playing that game, too, in order to be able to reach an in-game goal. Kicked!

Facebook itself is, uhm, well, it’s weird. I met some interesting people there, though. I don’t understand why people complain about how Facebook handles personal information of its members. Nobody is forced to give out any information at all. People do it freely. It’s their own fault if they don’t use their brain before sharing something. So, Facebook is quite OK.

Instant messaging is my problem child. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t cost anything to take advantage of it. The drawback is different people use different providers for instant messaging resulting in a bunch of different accounts (one for each network) necessary just to stay in touch with all your friends. Yes, I know there are services like Nimbuzz, Meebo, eBuddy, … that simplify stuff. The general problem still remains unsolved.

Who the hell needs two cell phones at once? I’ll take the Android device with me. The crappy Windows Mobile phone has to stay at home. And since I can do almost everything with my Android phone, I may renounce to take my netbook with me, too.

At the end I’ll just have my phone with Facebook and e-mail. Nothing else. Maybe I’ll kick that e-mail thing, too.

  1. Just found out that you can block an application on Facebook when you click “Block app” on the application’s page. However, that doesn’t make it any easier.

    2011-02-16 @ 13:26 by Nils

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