2010-12-29 @ 15:43: music was my first love Downloads | Music

Several years ago (I guess it was somewhere around the late 90s) I composed an acid track which I never released to the public. Today I remixed and published it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

2010-12-27 @ 18:56: performance problems General

I noticed some ugly performance problems (stuttering background-animation, heavy cursor flickering, …) when displaying this site on machines with a high resolution (e.g. FullHD) and especially – even on lower resolutions like 1280×960 – when a Matrox graphics-adapter is installed. The reason for this may be the snow-script, which is quite hard on CPU. The animated background is just a GIF with five frames. However, my netbook (Intel Atom 1.6ghz and Intel GMA 950 graphics) has no issues with this site. Strange.

Some time ago I found a fantastic driver on the net which allows the creation of a multi-partition memory-stick. It was just the naked driver, without anything else and since Windows shows only the first partition on such devices when the driver is not installed, an easy install/uninstall solution was needed. I use the driver-loader from Guido Wischrop and created a script around that which seamlessly installs the driver and starts it invisible in the background when you start Windows.

In case you neither got snow outside, nor up your nose, at least you have it on your screen now. Merry Christmas to all of you!

2010-12-12 @ 14:39: Downloads format change News

In order to save some bytes I repacked everything under Downloads as rar-files instead of zip. That just saved about 100kb. Yes, I am a nerd!

I run this blog for just a few days now and I noticed some new meta-tags in the header, which I consider unnecessary. In order to remove them you have to modify the base system of WordPress. Not an excellent way since the modifications made will be lost on updating the installation. Instead I wrote a very small plugin, which cleans up the header and released it like everything else here under the GNU GPL. Enjoy!

You know what I hate most? When programs create a bunch of endless folders to store their settings under the “Documents and Settings” folder. To my mind putting this in the application’s folder makes way more sense; at least on single user systems. Opera gives you the choice where to put your profile with an option in Opera’s default settings-file which can be easily changed by hand. But wait! What when you have to install Opera on a bunch of new PCs with each only a single user on? Especially for this situation I created a small program which allows you to change Opera’s multi-user mode with just one click. Goto the downloads-section now.

Just released two new songs I made on my way back from Freiburg today. Go grab them in the download-section while they’re hot! The “Bleeding Ears Remix” is a real speaker-blower and does what it says so, just be careful.

2010-12-09 @ 22:43: Found a naughty bug… News

… which drove me crazy. I accidentally removed the column-id which messed up everything. I mean everything. Firefox and IE just gave me a blank page with absolutely nothing on it and Opera 11 beta gave me a weird error-message which didn’t help me at all. Searching for a solution took me about three fucking hours until I noticed that the only fault was that missing column-id. Damn!!!

Hopefully I won’t break it that soon again.

2010-12-06 @ 13:59: Hello world! News

I quickly set this up to easily post some news and stuff I’m working on. At the moment I don’t know if I’ll ever use it, however, it’s up and working. Some minor stuff has to be done, but nothing serious.

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